gradientheader.gifvisitor-centric (vis-i-tor  cen-tric) — a marketing strategy designed to treat each person as unique across time, yet associating the individual with a group of other like visitors at any given point in time.

The world is changing – digital marketing approaches that have been tried and proven in the past are quickly becoming either obsolete or seen as a small part of a bigger picture. Today, your site visitors are empowered and have increasingly high expectations of your brand and how you handle or communicate with them.

This blog is about the growth in consumer empowerment and its parallel relationship with technology adoption, specifically the Internet. Consumers now have the ability to transcend traditional boundaries of geography, time, and channel to gather their own impression of a marketers offering. This empowerment has raised visitor savvy, creating less patient consumers who simply expect more from their trusted merchants. Social commerce and other consumer “voice” technologies are examples of how this empowerment has driven consumer activity. Thirsty for relevant content, consumers are now creating their own!

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