Digital Promiscuity

In conversation with a team of people far brighter than I, I had a glimmer of resolution and coined the term… “digital promiscuity”. Framed in the idea that consumers have too limited an idea as to how marketers have developed data traps… facebook apps, mobile apps, and even cyber crime attacks like phishing. In the abscense of an informed public, organizations are pilaging an unknowing public. The public unwittingly partnering too deeply with too many partners.


2 Responses to Digital Promiscuity

  1. Mark Ogne says:

    OK, my glimmer of resolution faded after googling the term… others, again far brighter than I, have already used the term:-)

    Better late than never!

  2. AstroGremlin says:

    Have to admit I’ve gotten way more “promiscuous” with social media. Well, if you don’t just connect with somebody at the dance, you end up looking at your shoes. I was shy when I began. Now I friend and follow as matter of course. I do look for content that fits my interests but have been surprised. I have 95 followers! Oh, that’s not promiscuous enough, is it?

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