“Insinnuendo” – words the English language should have


–noun, plural -dos, -does.

  1. An indirect, covert or artful suggestion or hinting, as of something implied involving the slanderous art or power of stealing into the affections and pleasing; ingratiation:intimation about a person or thing, esp. of a disparaging or a derogatory nature.
  2. Archaic. a slow winding, worming, or pleasing in.
  3. Obsolete. an ingratiating act or speech given to one of the opposite sex.
  4. Law:
  • (in an action for slander or libel) the explanation and elucidation of the words alleged to be defamatory, in particular if the stealing of affections was perceived as less than pleasing by the party of the first.
  • A poor parenthetic explanation or specification in a pleading.

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