CompUSA versus the lone blogger

Goliath stood above David and looked him in the eye, but did not realize he had a blog…

Several years ago, a single individual created a huge uproar in the halls of CompUSA’s corporate offices. Here’s a link to one of the original posts. In a nutshell, the author accidentally purchased an empty box, that should have contained a camera, at a sidewalk sale. After a few posts, Terry generated hundreds of links and reciprocal coverage in the blog-world and caused some of the top search queries for “CompUSA” to be about his camera complaint. Within days, CompUSA contacted him again to offer payment.

This is an extraordinary event… an individual, armed with a blog, changed the direction of a major international organization in a mere few days. This is a great example of how consumers have developed a level of empowerment that has changed the way that marketers need to view their efforts, even policies.

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