Email Experience Evolution, 2/12/08

Event locationI just returned from San Diego and the EEC conference. The show was great… there were so many talented marketers at hand, many insightful speakers, and of course, great weather. Gotta love San Diego!

When I look back at trips and events in particular, I always ask my self what I think the big take away was. For this show, it had to be the keynote presentation by David Daniels from Jupiter, and Jeanniey Mullen from OlgilvyOne. Their presentations were very good, extremely insightful. However, the one thing that really bowled me over was a survey they conducted with the audience, in real-time using wireless gadgets. 47% of the audience identified “behavioral drive marketing” as being the top item to focus on in 2008. This, coming from a room of email marketers!

The world is evolving and marketers across many disciplines are now shifting their focus to their target audience. This is really great news for our industry.

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